We just want to wish good health and love to all… no matter whats going on in this world.

WE have been staying musical and motivated and have a pile of tunes we will be coming out of the studio with very soon.

With summer finally movin in we hope to be out and about

Until then ..Thanks for tuning in

Wow such a fantastic night we had on our first Thursday down at Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club!
Thanks to all the fine folks that came out to dig on the live show!

Ridley Bent knocked it out of the park – rocked the house! 
Thanks to Jesse Millar @jessejamesmillar for your genuine enthusiasm and dialing in the sound just right…
And thanks to the ladies managing the drinks and the food and for taking such great care of us and well….everybody – You are top notch!
All of YOU made it the greatest experience…we are definitely looking forward.   And Hey …we made the marquee ..@Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club

Gotta say a special thanks to the beautiful people who came out this weekend – you absolutely made it for us!
Thanks to the folks at Le Garage for being so gracious and allowing us to stretch on a Saturday night! And thanks to a couple of magnificent vocalists who came to join us onstage – a definite highlight!

After playing mainstage @AltonaBluesInThePark we ‘shuffled’ on down to the Altona Hotel to kick off the evening.  Jack de Keyser himself stopped in to join us for a handful of tunes – the highlight of our night for sure!

Thanks so much to the Altona Hotel for having us again – such a beautiful and well run venue – an excellent staff and beautiful, music lovin’ people!

We had a fabulous experience at the Altona Blues in the Park festival.
It was, as always, an honor to share the stage with Jack deKeyser and all the great bands/musicians.
Thanks to Carey Kehler for opening the door and thanks to Marc Norris for the excellent job running the FOH soundsystem!

I believe this years fest was another success…
Thanks to Nicole for all of the excellent photos! @altonablues

An excellent location for a festival with a big stage/soundsystem and a most expansive beautiful ‘state-of-the-art’ dance floor in Shell River MB!

So awesome to see so many fabulous dancing/music loving people in Boggy Creek!

It was also an honor to meet legendary fiddle sensation Brian Skylar and his band the Tex Pistols. We had the pleasure of having Brian join us onstage for many of our country swingin tunes!

Thanks to Jenny and Michelle and I want to send a great big shout out to Mel for being the most gracious and hardworking soundtech extraordinaire! Looking forward to joining forces down the road Mel…

2020 perhaps?

We had a fabulous time playing the stage at Lilac Resort and we would like to express our gratitude to Dan for being an excellent host! Also thanks to Marty for running the stage, sound and lights and for putting up with us -(well…me!)

If you’ve never been to Lilac Resort you seriously need to check it out – fantastic place for adults and kids alike with many swimming pools and hot tub’s – three musical stages for entertainment – and then there’s the campground itself – such a beautiful summertime environment! We are anticipating a return date this summer/fall 2019!